“Social” Marketing Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before!

Deepen your relationship with prospects, clients, and your community in a leveraged, unique way.
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Strengthen Your Authority

Build, Know, Like & Trust

Engage & Expand Your Network

Struggling to be seen as someone other than just a salesperson?

  • Struggling to differentiate yourself from the crowd?
  • Confused by all the “social” marketing options?
  • Frustrated by networking events that waste your time & money?
  • Lack a consistent marketing approach?
  • Difficult to get prospects engaged?
  • Relying too much on “word of mouth” for leads?

We Help You Change All That!

I’ve been in professional services since 2005 and I know firsthand how hard it is to cut through the “noise,” to get people’s attention, and to be seen as something other than just a salesperson.

We launched the Grand Rapids event in early 2014 with just 13 attendees. The past two years we consistently have had:

  • Over 50 attendees for each event,
  • Over ten new, first-time attendees at each event,
  • Over 9 nominations from attendees for new participants, and
  • Six corporate sponsors who actively participate and nominate guests

You Can Do It And It Works For Any B2B Organization.

Unique Event

We have created an event experience unlike anything you’ve experienced before, tailored to business owners and leaders.


Documented Processes

We have created the marketing, website, and systems that put “butts in seats,” that can be executed by your staff.

Proven Track Record

Six years and 24 events in Grand Rapids, over a year in Troy, and just launched in Kalamazoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses and industries are best suited to be a Host?

The MasterMind Qcombine events are designed for business-to-business organizations. If you’re an attorney, a CPA, commercial insurance agent, banker, financial advisor, web development company, or anyone who provides products or services to business leaders and their organizations, this could be an excellent opportunity for you.

Do I need to be a public speaker or have hosted events before?

No! That’s part of what makes our events different, there is no presentation. You just need to initially be comfortable giving some guidance and tips before a small group. And as far as hosting, we have built the processes, marketing, training, and website that does most of the heavy lifting for you.

Can there be multiple Qcombine Hosts in the same area?

No! When you become a Host, you are given a mutually agreed upon, exclusive territory to hold your MasterMind Qcombine events.

What does it cost to become a Host?

Nothing! In fact, we will share with you part of the revenue generated from memberships and sponsorships in your territory. This helps you to cover some of your administrative costs and provide a financial incentive to grow the event and provide an outstanding experience.

How large of a list or network should I have to host an event?

We started our first event in 2014 with a “warm” list of less than a 100. Obviously, it will take a little longer to build the events but with the right sponsors and participants to help, it still can work.

Is there a contract involved and what am I committing to?

Yes, we have an agreement and that along with any other requirements are outlined in the Becoming a Host packet.

Still Not Sure If This Is A Fit For You?

Complete the online application

Share a few details about yourself, your business, and then submit the form.

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A brief phone call with Scott to answer your questions, share a few details, and determine what the next steps for you might be.

Take the prescribed next steps

This might be to attend a Qcombine meeting, speaking to a Host, and/or reviewing our Becoming a Host packet.